Lets go fall in love in Paris

Paris is no doubt one of the most beautiful and romantic city in the world.I have found it historical and stylish. Today I want to share with you all what i visited in Paris and how I found the city.

Unfortunately  I was having only 2 days , so I haven’t been on every famous place of Paris,but i tried to visit the places I wanted to go the most.

Eiffel Tower cannot be missed if you are in Paris.So my very first choice was to go there. Unfortunately the weather was not as we were expecting.It was cloudy and as we reached the Eiffel tower it started raining.I have heard a lot about the magical light of Eiffel Tower so we decided to go there in the evening and stay there until the lights turns On.


Once the lights were on,it start feeling like there is LOVE in the air.Absolutly breathtaken moments.For a little i couldn’t believe that i was standing right in the front of Eiffel Tower in Paris.Unfortunatly after some time the rain gets harder and we had to leave.

What i loved about the city were these royal unique buildings and bars.

1430860274598 1430860354614 1430860428056

I do wanted to share with you the picture of this colourful car.That was awesome.I’d love to have one.


The next place i visited was Notre Dame.I am a lover of Gothic art so this masterpiece just made my day.I was ammazed by this artistic piece made around the years 1160.I mean just immagine how talented this artist was.I do took also some pictures from the back side of Notre Dame which was as beautiful as the front side.

1430860529144 1430860613216 1430860670775

I also find a couple posing in the front of this beauty for thier wedding.So why not share thier photo too.


We quickly had a look on CENTRE POMPIDOU. It was really colorful.Its known as one of the modren art pieces.


And last but not the least my favriout place absolutly Louvre.The biggest museum in the world.My eyes were not blinking.For me this was the most beautiful place i ever have seen.And to visit this place you need atleast 2-3 days.Here some of the pictures of outside and inside.

1430860768264 1430860820813 1430860883596 1430860930090

I am not really good at French but I found really useful the guide by Netflights.


Which is your favourite place in Paris?


(All the pictures are taken by me)


25 thoughts on “Lets go fall in love in Paris

  1. I have always wanted to visit Paris. It is on my bucket list and I will definitley get there one of these days.


  2. I have never been to Paris but my Mom went there several times. Although she loved Paris itself from the way you spoke she much preferred the country side.


  3. Paris is on my list of places to travel to before I die along with Italy, so I can eat the whole time, and Egypt so I can see the pyramids. Your pictures are gorgeous and make me want to visit Paris even faster!


  4. Oh WOW. I am currently drooling over your pics. I am obsessed. I will go to Paris one day and take beautiful pics as well. Until then I will just look at yours…LOL!


  5. These pictures give me a whole another perspective on Paris. I love the way their buildings are made. They have so much art and details all around the city.


  6. I have always wanted to go to Paris because of the history and the beauty there. The Eiffel Tower would be one of my main places to visit if I ever get there for sure. Thanks for sharing and these are awesome pictures indeed.


  7. Absolutely stunning city and a must visit for everyone. It changes with the seasons, and a winter trip is a completely different city than a summer visit!


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