Hello my lovely readers. How most of you probably know i love cooking.Unfortunately i dont get always so much time to do this but whenever i have i love to go into my kitchen and start cooking diffrent recepies which came from other countries.

Few days back i recieved a pack of products by POMI.

The pack contains diffrent juices , a bottle of ketchup and tomato pure , sauces and chopped tomatos.
So today i wanted to share with you the very first recipie i made using pomi’s tomato paste and chooped tomatoes.

It’s called Chiken handi and its a indian/pakistani recpie. I love spicy food and no oubt indian food is one of the most spicy food ever i tried.So without weasting anymore time lets go direct to the recipe:


-1 onion
-1 tbs garlic,ginger paste
-1kg of bonless chiken
-1 tean of chopped tomatos by pomi (200g)
-2 tbs of tomato pure by pomi
-1 green chilli
-1 tbs salt
-3tbs of oil
-1tbs garam masala
-water as required


Take a pan and pour into it the oil with 1 onion chopped and ginger garlic paste.The heat should be medium.When the onion is golden brown add about half cup of water and the bonless chicken and cover it for 10 to 12 minuts. After that cook it until the chiken gets a brown golden colore.Add salt and green peper . You can use also red peper powder instead of green chilli.Add the chopped tomatoes by pomi and keep cooking until the tomatos melt into the soap well.All this process will take 30 to 40 minuts.Once the tomatos are well mixed into the chicken sauce add2 tbs of tomato paste and garam masala. Cook it for more 2 minuts and here you chiken handi is ready.
Garnish it with some yougurt and mint.or you can choose anything of your choice.

If you want more liquid gravy you can add some more water.I like it thick so i keep it like this.

I hope you will try this recipie for sure.

Please don’t forget to check the website of pomi:


  1. We are always looking for new ways to make chicken!! And this looks like something my family would really enjoy AND you’ve made it easy for me to make–that is key too–keeping it simple! Looking forward to trying this out! Thanks for sharing


  2. I really do love Indian dishes from all over the world. Living in NYC gives me the opportunity to try many dishes out. Always loved the spices condiments as well. Thumbs up to Indian dishes! Thanks for sharing the ingredients. I might have to try it at home one day!


  3. I really love spicy food…not burn your face off spicy, but intense, flavorful spicy. I have not had a lot of different Indian dishes, but I think I’d really like this recipe. I prefer a thicker sauce too! This looks really good and I think I might try it soon!


  4. Oh wow I am now salivating over that chiken handi. I love eating spicy food and Indian spices really taste great with rice. Thick gravy also seems better than liquid like water. We will try to follow your recipe soon. Thanks for sharing!


  5. Though not familiar with the brand pomi I do love me some good indian foods the spicier the better. I have never made any at my home except maybe some chicken korma but that was more salty than spicy lol


  6. I’ve never heard of the Pomi brand before. I really do love Indian food though, the spicier the better. I’ve never had a chicken handi dish but I’d love to give it a try.


  7. Wow I’m really excited to try this recipe! It’s an original way to cook with chicken and your step by step guide is simple and easy to follow. Thanks so much for the idea – I’ll definitely be trying this at home. Ellie


  8. Ooooh, I love the way the meal sounds! I adore garam masala – it brings back some great memories. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen Pomi in the States, but I’m sure our regular tomato paste would do the trick.🙂


  9. I have never heard of this product before but I could see that it is quite handy in the kitchen. I always need new and exciting ways to cook with chicken and this would be one way to get experimental for dinner. Thanks for the recipe inspiration!


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