Good morning ladies.Today i am going to talk about Collistar deep moisturising cream,that i have been using for since 3 months.

I am a persone who use quite a lot the face cream , infact i include face creams in my day & night care routin regularly.


Coming back to the product i loved this face cream. It hydrates in a perfect way the skin.Thanx to its special formula it helps to keep healthy the skin not only outside but also inside, regulating and reactiving a natural process which maintain the skin’s water balance.

I love the fact that its absorbed really quickly and giving my skin maximum moisturisation and nurishment.The perfume is like heaven.Its perfect for all ages and it can be used by poeple with dry to normal skin. I have used it also like my make up base for routins make up and i just love it.

Which face cream do you use?




  1. My skin is always dry, especially in the winter time, so I need to keep moisturized. This one sounds like a really good one.


  2. Embarrassingly enough, I just use Clean & Clear face wash in the morning and go! When I was a teenager, I used morning face stuff, nighttime face stuff, under eye cream, etc. and then I didn’t have 2 hours each morning to get myself ready, so I went with the fasted and easiest!


  3. OMGosh! We have THE SAME BLOG LAYOUT!!! Great minds, I guess! Thanks for sharing about the cream! I’m always looking for good creams to try out on my dry skin! xox Christine | Amidst the Chaos


  4. I don’t use any creams right now. This sounds like an amazing face cream indeed and I so could use something like this because my skin is so dry all the time. I have not heard of Collistar products before. I will have to check this out.


  5. I’ve only really begun using face cream recently. This one looks great, the packaging is really nice.


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