Cotton Plus Solution 2in1

Removing the make up is the hardest part I guess of cleasing the face.Also because we need to find the perfect cleanser , milk , wipes and face washer. But what if you find all these product in a single product?

Wouldn’t it be great? Well I found it fantastic!

Today I am going to talk you about the recent product lanched by TURATI IDROFILO:Cotton plus solution 2in1.These are cotton wipes containing cleanser milk already which activated while the waipe enter in contact with the water.Other than removing make up , these waipes works also on skin to leave it smooth , soft and with a nice perfume on it.


Cotton plus solution 2in1 ia an 100% natural product.It doesnot contain alcahool and its clinicly and Nickel tested.Its absolutely affordable because you don’t need another product when you use these wipes.It is also very easy and simpe to use.

I love to use this product not only as make up remover but also for my face cleaning routin.


There are 2 types of wipes:

-Delicate: with abstract of Aloe and carrote with Vitamine E

-Intense: with abstract of Argan’s oil with Vitamine E

Both are available In mini and maxi format.

I am posting a photo where you can see the risulte of after removing eye makeup.I was not wearig very dark shadows but I was having lots of black eye pencil and mascara on.And at the end of the day it was really melted.But I was really impressed they way this wipe removed the make up.


Leaving their website so you can have some more info about the product:

Have a good day

11 thoughts on “Cotton Plus Solution 2in1

  1. Wow this is so nice I would love to try this product for my makeup removal routine or just for my nighttime facial cleansing. I love how it already has everything infused so all I would have to do is add a little bit of water. That makes everything so much easier to do since time is always a factor with my routines.


  2. This sounds great! I very rarely wear make up but when I do its usually eye make up which I then have a terrible time removing! It’s so time consuming and I find a lot of products I try just don’t do the job. I will have to check these out because I’m sure either could find more use for them!


  3. Wow It looks like these work really well! DId you use make-up remover with them too? I really want to get these. I am just starting to get serious about wearing make-up again after having two kids.


  4. I have not heard of these products before!! They would be perfect for removing makeup especially with how often we travel and are on the go. I am going to have to keep an eye out for these.


  5. I use cotton pads like this for removing my makeup too. The ones I use don’t have any additions like Aloe though, that would be nice to have. It’s a shame you couldn’t get all your eyeliner off with them though, isn’t it they hardest thing to get off the lash line EVER?!


  6. Those work so well, it’s exactly what I need. I really like that these don’t contain alcohol because it dries out my aging skin something terrible. Thanks so much for sharing, I think the intense would work better for me as I wear gobs of mascara, lol.


  7. I hate when I have to remove makeup and its difficult to come off! I see a huge difference in your eyes you got it off! This looks like a great product especially removal of makeup!


  8. I didn’t know that cotton pads with vitamins were even available. I am going to get some of these to add to my nighttime makeup removal routine. What a clever idea!


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