Elegant look with a Lapel belted apricot coat

Hello ladies

Here back with a fashion post. This time i wanna talk about the very trendy look which is very in in these days with these beautiful apricots.

I think in a windy day you can wear this kind of coats which are not too heavy. I got this beautiful coat in cotton blends Lapel Belted Apricot Coat by Romwe.



Romwe is a very famous online shopping site where you can buy all the latest trends clothes.

This coat looks just perfect and also very fashionable. I am just sharing some pics with you so you can have a look.


for more colors and outfits visit thier website :



7 thoughts on “Elegant look with a Lapel belted apricot coat

  1. I love the style of this coat! This looks like it would be the perfect weight for Washington weather. It doesn’t really get super cold here and this would also be suitable for our spring weather.


  2. What a cute coat. I love the large lapel and the cute belt. I feel like a polished coat always does a great job finishing up a look, especially when paired with heels.


  3. You look really nice in this set up. That jacket is really elegant looking and it goes well with the pants and shoes, but yet it would go nicely with a dress just as easily.


  4. Oh wow that coat looks amazing and it can battle the cold in the air. Sadly, it’s almost the half of the year and we have not experience cold yet. Supposedly, May is the start of the rainy season and we can wear heavier outfits like that. The color is lovely!


  5. That is a beautiful looking jacket, it’s really elegant looking. I really want a coat like this for myself, I really love the over-sized collar and how it covers the shoulders too. I need to pick myself up one for the autumn.


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