Few days ago i posted on instagram a picture where i talk about a home made mask for pores. Here i am to share with you all the DIY.

download (1)

This is extremly easy to make at home , with the ingredients we all have in our kitchens.

You need

-1 egg white
– any kind of oil ( i suggest coconut oil)
– some tissues

First of all wash your face. Apply the oil with your hands all over the face. Then take a brush and apply the egg white with it on your face. Cut the tissue paper according the size of your face. Put it on the face and go on with a second cote of egg white on the tissue.Until its all wet with the egg white.
Leave it for 15-20 minuts and once it is completly dry peel it off.

You will notice that the tissue paper stripped off most of the pores and dirt.

This mask is also good for people with oily skin.

Try it and let me know if you find it usefull.


10 thoughts on “HOME MADE PORE MASK

  1. How interesting! I’m always looking for more ways to create at home beauty products. Your technique sounds really cool. I bet my daughter would enjoy making this with me too.


  2. I need one of these I am so not good when it comes to homemade beauty products I tried once before on something else and it was a disaster. I will however try again this one looks much simpler.


  3. WOW! This is so cool! It looks like it’ll be super easy to make and I love the fact that it’s all natural products-made at the comfort of your home!! I am going to try this face mask for sure!!! Thanks so much for sharing how to make it!


  4. I can’t wait to try this! I often by the pore masks and they get so expensive! I have horribly oily skin and these really work but this homemade version would cost just pennies!


  5. Oh love this. I’ll admit I’m not into beauty and beauty products so I know very little about masks but I need something for my poor pores so this will be great. I love diy and making my own things so I will have to try this one for sure. My poor pores are in serious need of be so thankful!


  6. Have you posted this before because I’ve definitely read and commented on something life this before? Anyway, I love DIY beauty projects like this. I love using masks like this to get rid of blackheads and to clean out my pores. Thanks for sharing.


  7. This mask sounds very easy to make. I rarely use face mask, but after seeing how easy it is to make this one, I need to give it a try. It is very creative of you to use the tissue as part of the mask. Thanks for sharing!


  8. I love DIY beauty products! I have not tried making one like this before; it would be amazing to try out. This a great way to pamper yourself at home, and saves money as well.


  9. I absolutely love this idea and thanks for highlighting and sharing this today! I am going to check it out more! My skin is ultra sensitive, but I do think the results would be great!


  10. I love DIY beauty treatments, I love peel off masks, and I love that this one uses stuff I have around the house. I’ll have to try this between spa facials! Thanks for sharing🙂


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