Bowler Leather Bag From Leather Market of Tuscany

Welcome back on NazTrends and today’s post is about a latest brand i descover called: Florence Leather Market made is Tuscany.

This is an online leather market where you can but pure leather items on a very cheap price.The accessories are very fashionable and trendy.The quality is absolutely amazing.The products are crafted with geniun leather.

The brand follow the tradition of San Lorenzo market, Leather Market Florence spreads the “Made in Italy” mark all over the worldt at an affordable price.


I got this beautiful Bowler leather bag with side flaps in color Taupe/Blue dark. You can find this in many other colours also. This is absolutly a very fashionable and comfortable bag.You can use it in diffrent styles and match it with every kind of outfit.


1431895532191 1431895224004



On the website you can find more informatins about other products.

21 thoughts on “Bowler Leather Bag From Leather Market of Tuscany

  1. Although it’s a little bigger than I normally would get, I love the colors and design of that bag. I think it’s wicked cute.


  2. What an adorable bag that is! The whole outfit/look is just so cute. I love the colors choices❤


  3. I love Tuscany it has a high quality and I’ve been using it for 3 years how nice right? but that is a back pack lol I like your bag I’ll try it.


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