Cleansing treatment by Diego Dalla Palma

Good morning all … Today i am going to talk about a great line of products i found by DIEGO DALLA PALMA for cleansing routine. These products are for all skin types so they can be used actually be anybody. These products are the result of a fusion between Diego dalla palma and RVB SKINLAB to have some great professional results.

This is a deep cleansing treatment which works for detoxification and cell vitality. This treatment activates the purification system of the skin and stimulates its process of cellular regeneration. It reintegrates the optimum level of vital elements essential for cellular communication and fights skin imperfections with a bio-revitalizing action.


The treatment includes :

1)MICELLAR CLEANSING MILK: purify and refresh the skin. Also ossigenates the skin.

2)REVITALISING TONIC: moisturizing and refreshing with cell detoxium and hyaluronic acid.

These 2 products should be used everyday for best results.

3)DETOXIFYING ESSENTIAL CONCENTRATE: with a shocking action with alpha-lipoic acid for oxygenating and revitalizing.

4)REGENERATING SRUB: Contains aminoacids and work for a clean smooth and fresh skin

5)PURIFYING CLAY MASK: detoxifying and remineralising with cell detoxium and puri-enzyme.

Last 2 products are suggested to use once or twice a weak.


I have absolutely love this treatment especially because I have seen the results really after the 1st usage of the proucts.People who have oily skin must try this treatment because it will help a lot to get a normal skin.

For further information please visit the website:

19 thoughts on “Cleansing treatment by Diego Dalla Palma

  1. These sound like very interesting products! I’m so glad you found something that helps your skin and beauty routine- daily care is definitely essential🙂


  2. I have VERY sensitive skin on my face, so it was great to hear that this can be used for all skin types. Sounds like a great line.


  3. I think I will need this treatment as well to enhance my skin. What about the first three products, should they be used every day? When is the best time to use them?


  4. I have combination skin so I will have to check these out. Anything that I can do at home that works would be wonderful!


  5. I haven’t heard of this brand before, but their products sound really great. I’m a big fan of clay masks, so I’d love to try their Purifying Clay Mask.


  6. I love learning about new beauty products! Thanks for the review I am curious to see if it will work on my sensitive skin!


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