A Makeup Class at Sephora with MAKEUP FOR EVER makeup artist

I absolutly love when i can get some free make up classes by professionals.Its not always easy to find an expert who explains and teach you well how you should actually use your make up.I have seen many tutorials on youtube but a live make up session is totally another thing.

Last month a friend told me about these make up classes which was going to be hold at Sephora stores by MAKE UP FOR EVER make up artists.I was really excited to attend this one so i pick up the phone and had the appointment.



On wednesday i went for this class and i meet ELEONORA VOLPI which was a lovly girl who works as make up artist for MAKEUP FOREVER.She was really kind and we started to talk about what i would like to learn.I always had a problem with countouring tecnique for everyday usage so i wanted to focus on that.I mentioned that i love red colour on lips an smokey eyes.So she suggested me to creat a look with these elements.


While she was doing my Make up she explained me about the products.And i have been really amazed by the foundation HD by make up forever. The finishing is just wow.She anticipated to me that they are going to launch ultraHD foundation soon. I also love this specteculer mascara.


The whole look was totally amazing and abslutly i can see the perfection of these products in the pictures.


What do you thing about this look? Have you ever tried MAKEUP FOREVER brand?Have you ever had a make up class in your city?


17 thoughts on “A Makeup Class at Sephora with MAKEUP FOR EVER makeup artist

  1. Your makeup came out awesome. I would have been really happy, too. I have never heard of this brand, but apparently it;s awesome🙂


  2. Your make up looks great! I had no idea there is as classes! This sounds great. I am terrible with all things make up so a class would be super helpful to me!


  3. Oh, how fun! I’m not the best at makeup so this would be perfect for me! I’m actually attending one with a few of my mommy friends in a few weeks!


  4. I really love your mascara! I use mascara and eyeliner mostly. Sometimes I’ll add lip color and blush if I’m going out. That is really cool that you got to get tips from an expert.


  5. I love visiting my local sephora because of the great customer service. They are so patient with me, someone who doesn’t know much about makeup.


  6. I’ve never tried the Makeup For Ever brand before but I’ve read lots of great things about it. Your makeup looks great, I really like the lip colour.


  7. I love getting makeup done at Sephora. Their staff is so knowledgable and I always learn some new tips and tricks.


  8. I want to go to a free makeup class. I didn’t know they did this! I’ll have to see if my Sephora offers any.


  9. Wow! Now I am curious about the ultraHD foundation! Sounds awesome! I love the brand Make Up For Ever because they are great during portrait sessions! I will see if I can also attend free makeup lessons in Sephora. What a cool offering that is!


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