Mastacne wash pore foaming cleanser my MASTIC SPA

Good evening ladies.I finished just few days ago a product by a greek company  MASTIC SPA called Mastacne wash pore foaming cleanser. As many of you know i have very oily skin and for me its really difficult to find a good product for my type of skin. I heard a lot about this greek company so i decided to try this cleanser.


I have been using this in my morning and night face care routin. I have to say that it does it works perfectly. It eliminates all the oil from my face and also reduce the redness.This product is fantastic also for people with acne problems and pores.

I have absolutly loved this product and would love to try more from them.

Have you ever tried any product by MASTIC SPA?

5 thoughts on “Mastacne wash pore foaming cleanser my MASTIC SPA

  1. This sounds like the perfect product for me too as I have very oily skin! Thank you SO much for introducing me to Mastic Spa. I will definitely check this product and their website out! I’ve been looking for a product for my oily skin too, and haven’t found one yet, so may have to give this a try! Awesome review!!


  2. This product is amazing! I love the feeling of “clean” and wash my face several times a day. Other soaps have given me a dry skin but this one seems like what I have always wanted.


  3. Oh wow this sounds like an awesome solution to get rid of too much oil on the face. I had also experienced that before consulting our family dermatologist. This foaming cleanser is such a lifesaver.


  4. I have terrible acne breakouts on a regular basis. I’d love to try something that works perfectly for you. I wonder though if it would work just as well on my combination oily/dry skin.


  5. I’ve been looking for something that would help reduce the redness in my face. I don’t have oily skin, but I’m interested in finding out if it’d work on the redness around my nose.


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