Plaid Loose Lapel Apricot Blouse

Summer needs absolutly comfortable clothes.Easy to wear , fashionable and light. We want to look trendy and diffrent and ofcourse unique.

This is what i find in this apricot blouse made by cotton.That print is one of the highest fashion collection launches.Infact you will find t shirts , jeckets ,handbags and many other stuff.


I got this blouse from Romwe , a very famouse online fashion website where you can buy latest trends clothes on very comfortable prices.

A pair of comfortable sneakers , jeans or shorts , and ofcourse some good sunglasses are perfect to complete your look with this amazing blouse.


What do you think about this look ?

26 thoughts on “Plaid Loose Lapel Apricot Blouse

  1. That is a really cute blouse. I love it because it can be worn casual or you could dress it up a little.


  2. I think that is a super cute blouse! I haven’t ever worn anything like it so I would love it and see how to style it into my outfits. So cute!


  3. I need some cute summer clothes. I’ve been wearing Polo short sleeved t-shirts, and jean or khaki shorts every day except for at church!


  4. What a great look. I love the plaid look and sunglasses. The shirt would look great with some jeans too I love pieces that can be versatile.🙂


  5. Omg what a nice blouse!!! Looks like something that can cross over from casual to business! Love pieces like that!


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