Pistachio Tiramisù

I am a sweetdishes addict. So that always take me in the kitchen and try something new.Many times i love to experiment infact my kitchen for me is like a workshop.

Today i want to share with you this Tiramisù i made with pistacchio.



-some soft biscuits ( i usually use tiramisù biscuits with a long shape)

-some liquid cofee

-mascarpone ( fresh milk cream) 250g

-4 eggs

-6tbs of sugur

-pistachio powder for garnishig


Make some coffee and leave it to get cold after you have mixed 3tb of sugur.Take two bowls and divide the whites of egg from the yolks.Beat well the yolks with the rest of the sugur until its a flaffy yellow cream.The color should be lighter.Take the whites and beat them well until they are fully mounted.The egg whites should be like white cream.Add the mascarpone cream into the yolks mixture and mix with a wood spoon.After that add egg whites and mix slowly.

Take a contanier.In my case i used this one which is rectenguler.Fit a layer of biscuits and wet them with coffee.Use a spoon to wet them so you are sure not to wet them lot.Take the mixture of cream and cover th biscuits layer.Go on with a biscuit layer again wet with coffè and again cream layer until its full.


Leave it in the refrigerator for half an hour add the pistachio powder and put it back for other 3- 4 hours.

Yammi italian Tiramisù with pistachio is ready to serve😉


19 thoughts on “Pistachio Tiramisù

  1. I think this would be a lovely treat for pistachio lovers. What a creative twist to make this popular dessert with pistachios.


  2. I’ve never had tiramisu before but I’m not a pistachio lover.. My husband? Now he loves pistachios and I know loves tiramisu . His birthday is coming up so this would be a perfect treat for him!


  3. Tiramisu and pistachios in the same dessert – I’m all over it. The crunch of the nuts with the creamy tiramisu sounds like my kind of dessert!


  4. I have a mean sweet -tooth! but Im not one to get in the kitchen but this seems like an easy recipe that even i can follow


  5. I have never heard of pistachio tiramisu before but it looks and sounds good because I love pistachios. This would make a great dessert for our party next weekend so I will have to try making it. Thanks for sharing


  6. I don’t bake but I love to eat. I haven’t tasted Pistachio Tiramisu but it looks like a great way to end a good meal. Thanks for sharing this recipe and these beautiful mouthwatering photos!


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