5 self tanning bronzing products

Summer needs absolutly a bronzing product so i thought to do a small research on self tanning products of the year😉 Here is the list :

1) Self-tanning regenerating magic mask by COLLISTAR


2)Capital idéal Soleil bronzant by VICHY


3)Aqua-Gelée face self-tanning serum by BIOTHERM


4)Silky lotion self-tanning by URIAGE


5)Trystal minerals VITA LIBERATA


9 thoughts on “5 self tanning bronzing products

  1. I haven’t tried this brand before, but it looks interesting. Have you had any luck with the application? It has been years since I tried this type of product but I kinda messed mine up. This looks great and I would like to try it – especially since we get so little sun here!


  2. This sounds like it might be some pretty good stuff. I am not one to use self tanning creams and things of that sort. Might have to try this one.


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