Hand il saponino

A very good morning to all of you.Beacause i live in italy am very proud to say that there are any brands which born in Italy. Today with another awesome brand am here to talk about and its HAND .

A fantastic brand which offers many products for our skin care like soaps , shower gels , creams etc. I have been trying thier bar soaps and some creams so i will prefear to talk about them.


For me its absolutly important to start my day with a good face washer or soap.I have to say i absolutly loved soaps by hand. I have been trying the one in levander , mint , and orange flowers . I am absolutly in love with them.Their beautiful aroma helps me starting my day perfectly.

After that as many of you must know i use a morning and a night cream. Thier day dream with watermelon flavour is very mausturising and leave my skin really smooth.I feel very light this cream in my face.


And the night cream with green tea is absolutly first class.During the night it helps the skin to feel more relaxed and works on cell to renew the skin.

I absolutly suggest all of you to try these products by Hand because there are really amazing.

i am leaving thier website: http://www.hand-saponino.com/

With this note HAVE A GOOD DAY ALLπŸ˜‰

15 thoughts on “Hand il saponino

  1. I just love finding out about new skin care products. I had not heard of this brand before, but I want to try it after reading this.


  2. I love to try out new beauty products from around the world- it seems that each country I buy products from use different ingredients, scents, etc., and they are all so unique! I would definitely love to try the watermelon scent.


  3. I absolutely love creams which keep my skin nice and moisturized. I haven’t seen this brand yet, but I’ll be sure to give it a try when I do.


  4. These look like great products. I love trying new things that aren’t readily available in the US. Thank you for your sharing. I can’t wait to order mine and try it out.


  5. My mother in law is going back to Italy to see the Pope next month, so I’ll ask her about the beauty products there, see what she can bring back for me


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