Good morning everyone.Back again with a new post about a new brand i descoverd during COSMOPROF2015 BOLOGNA.I am talking about a germen brand called P2 COSMETICS.


They have left me a beauty case full of thier products which i have been trying now from a while.If you follow me on INSTAGRAM you must have seen some of the pictures i shared with thier products.


Starting with their nail paints i have fallen in love with them. I am absolutly amazed  by their long duration.The red gel nail polish is absolutly breathtaken. It has lasted 2 weeks perfectly.


Going on with concealer and face pressed powder.That are really nice and have a good coverage under the eyes.


Talking about another face product is their foundation.I have found it very light it doesnt have a great coverage but its great to use during the summer for a light natural look.


I have loved their eye products.The mascara , the eye pencil and this beautiful natural color eyeshadow kit.For a natural look these are perfect.


Last but not the least their lip products.I am a red lips lovers so i was really happy to find into the pochette this red lipstick with thier red lip liner.Both are fabolous and have veyr mosturised consistency.It lasts for sevrel hours.Perfect for every day look.


In the end i can say that their products are really nice.They can be use for natural every day make up and routins.



19 thoughts on “P2 COSMETICS

  1. It seems like you got some amazing products! I wish I was into beauty that much, but I always just let the salon do my nails & toes!
    Maybe one day😉
    However always great reading about other products people love!


  2. While I don’t wear makeup, they all seem like interesting products! I always like seeing natural makeup which accentuates someone’s natural features, eye line and other areas around the face.


  3. I’ve never heard of this brand, but I love all the colors they use! I will definitely be checking them out, thanks for the awesome review🙂


  4. I really like that light pink nail polish! It’s the perfect shade for the Spring to Summer transition. Super cute❤


  5. Omg so much fabulousness on one page!!!! Loving all those nail colors!!!! Might just need to pick some of those up!


  6. I use to have fake nails put on for a couple of years and now that I really cannot afford it anymore I don’t have it done, and my fingernails are so thin . Can you recommend anything? I do eat a lot of jello, but I really need is a really good nail hardener. I really loved my nails and I didn’t once vary the style. Now I pay the piper, but they were so beautiful & now I eat a lot of jello!


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