Fratelli Lunardi sweets

Good morning ladies.

Here back with a yammi collaboration i had with Fratelli Lunardi .This is a food brand which was born by the pashion for food by two brothers in Italy Quarrata.They are making some great sweets since 1966.They have been testing new recipies in thier bakery and given us some great products like CANTUCCI, fine WINE JELLIES, delicious BAKED products.


They sent me some of them to try and talk about them to all of you.


–  Choccolate and mint Cantucci


Absoluty delicious.I have been eating them in breakfast and also offered to my guests with evening tea.Every one just loved them.This yammi combination of choccolate and mint just blow my heart away.The recipe uses more than 35% dark chocolate, partly mixed into the dough and partly left in small pieces.I just fallen in love with these yammies😉


– Lime and lemon Cantucci


These are also very tasty and includes cubes of lemon peel and the aroma of lime.My mom loved these one.I am a choccolate lover so obvestly i prefear others.The lime juice which is squeezed in the mixture leave very good aroma and taste in the mouth.

I am really curious to try thier other flevers too like choccolate and orange , alomonds , museli and many more.


Leaving for you the website of the company so you can have a look for details:

This is all for today ! Have a good day

18 thoughts on “Fratelli Lunardi sweets

  1. I really would like to try the lemom-lime biscuit. I love the tart taste of lemon. Of course I would not say no to the chocolate one either.


  2. Those look delicious! I’ve never see that brand before but I’ll be on the lookout. Looks like the perfect compliment for tea or coffee!


  3. These sounds like they are amazingly delicious snacks indeed. My mother would so love to try these for sure because my grandmother was Italian. I would love to try the chocolate ones because I am a chocolate lover. Thanks for sharing.


  4. Yum! Both flavors of these cookies sound delicious! They look like biscotti, but I wonder if the texture is lighter and less dense..? (they look as though they might be) I’m sure they’d be enjoyed with or without a beverage to dunk them into. ;9

    lauriel of


  5. The name of it alone sounds yummy. The way it looks, i think I can consume two bags in one seating🙂


  6. These goodies would go great with a glass of cabernet sauvignon! I would like to see the nutritional facts on the package before trying these out, but they definitely look yummy!


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