Geometic Cardigan Sweater

As many of you know now it’s a while that  have been taking my outfit items by SHEIN. Because recently i shifted to UK here the weather is quite windy so i had chance to make an OUTFIT post with my recent item from SHEIN.


I got this beautiful Cardigan Geometric Sweater which i match with a plain blue jeans and a casual t shirt. I also thought that having along this beautful handbag also by SHEIN would be great idea.


This sweater is avaliable in one-size and anyone can actually wear it.Its made of cotton blends and its really stylish and cmfortable to wear.

Check out on thier website and buy it before it goes out of stock😉


Have a good day

11 thoughts on “Geometic Cardigan Sweater

  1. This is a really cute sweater. I love the pattern – very classic! This would be perfect for fall in NY!


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