Red is all time my favorite colour

Red is my all time favorite colour.So when i saw this beautiful red lapel double breasted woolen coat at SHEIN i couldn’t resist.


I though it was a great idea to wear it with black scarf and some jeggings.

I think its really beautiful.You can wear it with some elegant formal evening out or also just for a casual coffe time with friends out.

I would love to suggest you as i am also a make up artist, red lipstick would make your look perfect with this red coat.;)


Let me know what do you think🙂

Here the website of Shein from where i got this coat.

19 thoughts on “Red is all time my favorite colour

  1. I really like wearing red – especially out when we’re hiking and in nature. It definitely stands out and helps give a focal point for the photos🙂


  2. Red is my favorite color ! i like your pretty coat perfect for anywhere you go i love that one you look gorgeous


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