Doubleice: an exceptional eyewear

Good morning readers.I am really glad today to talk on my blog about an amazing eyewear brand i descoverd during my visit in Italy to Cosmofarma2015 in Bologna.

I am talking about DOUBLEICE, a brand which was born in 2005 in Italy.Their exceptional products are eyewears.You can find many kinds of glasses including reading glasses.


Today i am going to show you a piece of thier new collection called VELVET SUN.I have been sent this brown shade sunglasses with golden mirrors.

What to say as many of you would know golden mirrors are really infashion recently.Everybody is wearing golden mirror glasses.I have fallen in love with this frame in velvet.It gives absolutly a style and uniqness to the glasses.


Its absolutly something diffrent so its for sure more noticable.

I am wearing them almost everytime i go out in a sunny day , either its difficut to have here sunny days in Manchester.


I am leaving you thier website so you can check out all of thier collections and am sure you will find something for you too.

18 thoughts on “Doubleice: an exceptional eyewear

  1. Those sunglasses are awesome! I wear sunglasses almost everyday so I have many pairs of them but there is always room for more.🙂


  2. Ooh, i’ve never seen velvet frames! My husband is an optical manager, so I’m definitely showing this to him🙂 I’m all about the golden lenses too!


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