Lean Greens

Hello my lovly readers. I have to say that usually i dont try food suppliments etc but when i was contacted by LEAN GREENS and i had a look on thier website i though i should try this one.

The superfood powder is great for:

  • getting rid of bloating
  • detoxing your system, helping promote clear, glowing skin
  • giving you a zing of natural energy
  • keeping you fuller for longer
  • giving you an instant hit of 7 grasses & 5 veg (perfect if you dot have time or inclination to make a messy shake!)


I have been trying this form last one month and i have to say that i felt all these things while i used it.It flush toxins from your body , aid your good health  and increase you metabolism system.

The teast is not that great but i think not everything we eat or drink is tasty :p and get healthy benefits.

If you are looking for a quick shake to make than this is definatly one for you.

Leaving you thier website where you can find some more info about the product :


Thats all for today bye😉


13 thoughts on “Lean Greens

  1. I have heard a lot of things about the Lean Greens supplements but have never personally tried them. I am a big fan of normal food/veggies on a regular basis, but if you were in a rush, this would be an easy fix.


  2. I will be passing this information along to my son, he loves nutritional drinks. Maybe I should give it a try I can always use something to boost my metabolism.


  3. I love the health benefits and this looks like such an easy way to get greens in your diet. Sometimes it’s tough to incorporate Kale and other green superfoods into a meal so this is a great solution!


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