About a month ago i received a packet from GARNIER which contains ULTRALIFT DAY CREAM for 2 weeks usage.I was really curious to use this product and see the results.

Usually i like all GARNIER products.I think 99% they do thier work.I have been sng this cream every day for almost 20 days.And i have to say that i found it really incredible.I am 25 so i dnt have really bad wrinkles , but i have heared from some other  senior bloggers (40+) that it is incredible.


So if you have problems with wrinkles this is the product for you.

Its really smooth and have a nice perfume.It assorbes really quickly in to the skin and doesnt leave any grease on your hands or face.

Its perfect to use in your morning routin .

Have you tried wrinkle cream by GARNIER or any other brand? Do you think it works?

Let me know😉

Have a good weekend!


  1. I’ve never tried wrinkle cream better but I do really like GARNIER products. I’ll definitely have to pass this along to a few of my family friends❤


  2. I assume when you buy the product at the store it does not come in the packets like this but I would love if it did! I always over use product lol this would keep me on track with how much to use each day. I have had great luck with Garnier hair product so I would try this! Oh and I am a “senior” blogger haha 46 here – hey when your 40 that won’t seem so senior – not offended – I thought it was cute and yeah I’m getting “up there” but NOT giving up lol much love.


  3. I think Garnier products work but I haven’t tried a wrinkle cream yet. I do think it may be time so that I can prevent some of the fine lines that I know are inevitable!


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