Lightinthebox my first order

I am really glad to talk about a new online shopping site i start collaborating with: LIGHT IN THE BOX.

I decided to try these beautiful blue skinny pants.I was really happy to see the variety of colours and also sizes is available.So you dont need to worry about that.


You can use them with any long shirt or any t-shirt too.These are perfect for a casual or even a nice evening out.

Its up to you if you want to wear some heels or some flats.Actually every thing can be weared with these pants.Am in love with them.Let me know if you ever bought something from this website.

take care byeee


14 thoughts on “Lightinthebox my first order

  1. I love how versatile those pants are. You can totally dress them up or down depending on where you are going.


  2. It is definitely a great thing to have something so versatile in your closet. There are times when you really just want and need something that can fulfill multiple roles in the given course of a day and these look well-suited to that purpose!


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