Purifying mask by CASMARA

Hello ladies and gentelmen🙂 Ans yes today’s post is also for men😀. Few months ago in a beauty fair in Bologna italy i descover this very intressting brand called CASMARA . Its a spanish brand. On the event they were talking about thier latest new masks. They were also giving demonstrations od it there but unfortunatly i was not having lots of time to try it there.But i was really to attracted by these mask so i decided to take one.


The packadge include an purifying serum , a poweder and gel bag ,and a spatule.

Basically you need to mix the poweder and gel together and apply on face with a thin layer.Before and after you have to apply the serum.After 15 minuts you can remove the mask really easily.


The mask is absolutly amazing to purify your skin and  remove all the becteria. It cleans your skin leaving it very fresh.Perfect for thoese who have oil skin like me.And yes this is a product for her and him.😀

Recommended twce a week for a nice clean skin.

They have also many other masks.Will leave you thier website so you can check all of them out.


Its all for today😉


17 thoughts on “Purifying mask by CASMARA

  1. I love how my skin feels after using a mask. I like how this Casmara mask has a powder and a gel that you mix together. I’m sure that makes thee product fresher. Thanks for sharing!


  2. I will only do the peel off masks. To me, if it doesn’t peel off, then it’s not pulling out all of the junk in your face. I’ll have to try this one.


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