Candles by PartyLite …

Good evening everyone. I am a lover of candles and i think everyone of us like them.Candles make our houses , events and many other occasions special.

Recently i heard about PartyLite, an online shop of candles where you can find items for every occasion , they have very huge range.

I have been sent NEW FORBIDDEN FANTASY.This amazing candle in black color which comes in diffrent sents i got SEDUCE. Absolutly amazing for creating a romantics atmospher.



JUST DESSERTS , tea light candles .These comse in diffrent sizes.I got the small size candles which are absolutly cute and amazing.The perfume is adorable.Perfect for your family parties.



They send me also a candle holder:WARM HEARTS tealight holder.I love this shape of heart and decorated with this amazing silver decor around.It can be a perfect present for your beloved.


What i like about PartyLite that they have candles for every occasion:Christmas , halloween or weddings.

I hope you like them too.Leaving you thier website:

It’s all for now byeee


16 thoughts on “Candles by PartyLite …

  1. I love, love candles. My problem is, I light them and then forget them. Not a good thing, but lucky for me nothing has happened. I think I have some Party Lite candles.


  2. I really like the black candle – perfect for Halloween! And the dessert ones – I bet they smell amazing. The colors are really beautiful.


  3. These look like they smell delicious.🙂 I love candles, but because I’ve got a little one who loves to get his hands on everything he’s not supposed to, I don’t use them as often as I’d like.


  4. i so enjoy goodies like this. i love how that black one looks i would love to burn it just to experience it for the first time. thanks for sharing. cool post.


  5. I have never heard of PartyLite brand candles. They sound nice and the holder looks really neat and unique. I think those will be perfect as Christmas presents too.🙂


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