My Dress for Professional Beauty North

Hello lovly ladies

Few days ago i posted the post about Professional Beauty North event held in Manchester.And as you must have read i had lots of fun.

It’s really important how you dressed up when you are attending an event.You have to be elegant but at the same time comfortable.Because events like this lasts a long day.And you have to walk continuesly and it’s important that you feel easy and comfortable to pass whole day in an event or exibition.


I choose this beautiful BLUE ROUND NECK DRESS by SHEIN.I though it is very elegant and at the same time very comfrotable too.Because it was cold so i couldnt wear it without a outwear so i just choose a lace outwear in colour blue which matches perfectly the dress.


I took also these white stiletto High heels to match with the dress.Obvestly you cant walk all day with them but for a special evening out or an event these are absolutly perfect.


Obvestly after i while my feet started hurting because usually i never wear heel so i just changed with flat white sendles.

What do you think about this combination of dress and heels.?


14 thoughts on “My Dress for Professional Beauty North

  1. I love the look of the dress and the heels are to die for. Smart girl to bring a pair of flats…no way would I last at an all day event in those shoes, even if they do look amazing! lol


  2. Very cute! I have a cardigan coming from SheIN, the one with the cute sleeve designs. I can’t wait for it to arrive🙂


  3. Those shoes are amazing, but like you, I couldn’t wear them all day. It always pays to have a sensible pair of shoes when you’re going to be at an all day event. Love the dress, too!


  4. You look amazing. I love the combination of the dress and the sweater. I really need to check out the site, since I am a dress wearer. Love the heels but I just cant do it anymore so love the flats alternative.


  5. I love that dress!! Personally blue is my favorite color so you can’t go wrong with anything in that color.


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