How to reduce Cellulite …

Cellulite is now a days very common problem.Many people think that only fat or overweight people have this problem,but its not true.Even smart people can have cellulite problems.

Today i will talk you about some home remedies to cure cellulite problems.Ofcourse you should avoide fast food chips and burgers.But i know it’s little difficult.So here’s how you can get off from cellulite:


2 minuts of Dry brushinng every day helps you to reduce cellulite.It boots circulation and detoxifies.It also improves skin’s texture and elasticity.Use the dry brush long motions.Spend more time on areas you have more evident cellulite.



Coffe scrub is another way to reduce the cellulite.Massage the intressted zone with coffee scrub for atleast 2 minuts every day ad rinse it with cold water.Here is the recipie on how you can make your homemade coffee scrub:

Take half a cup of coffee and a little bit of oilve oil.Mix it well and than put it in the microwave for 50 seconds.

Here your homemade coffee scrub is ready.


3)Tomato juice and lemon

Take a cup of tomato juice and add 2tbs of lemone juice.Apply it for 15 to 20 minuts and after that rinse it with water.Use this atleast 3 times a week.And you will see the results.


I hope all these remedies are helpfull for you.And if you had try something else for cellulite please let me know below in the comments.

Have a good sunday😉

18 thoughts on “How to reduce Cellulite …

  1. I actually “tried” the dry brushing once. I say tried because I didn’t keep up with it. I need to go back to it because I have heard wonderful results from dry brushing. I wonder where that brush is . . . It’s got to be somewhere in my bathroom.


  2. I have heard great things about coffee scrubs for cellulite but I have never actually tried it out. The lemon and tomato suggestion is a new one on me!


  3. Bookmarking this post so that I can try all of your tips!!! Awesome, awesome suggestions. Thanks so much! I definitely need to get rid of some cellulite on my thighs!


  4. I have dry brushed before but didn’t keep doing it. I need to get back to that. But that coffee scrub sounds great as well.


  5. So you are saying that I can put coffee on the outside of my body too… I think I like the thought of that.🙂 Great post. I am going to try that!


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