Cocomelody beach wedding dresses

Hello readers.

Back with another post.Recently i have attended may wedding events and i have seen that usually the wedding dresses costs really lot.So i wanted to share with you an online shop Cocomelody where you can find really nice dresses with very reasonable prices.


The trend to do the weddings on a specific destination is now a days more common.Here you will found destination wedding dresses  . Like Weddings on beaches are the most fashionable  now a days.So would like to share with you some beach wedding dresses .


This dress above is absolutely beautiful and perfect for a wedding on beach.Really comfortable and easy to wear.I also think that you dnt event need to worry about your siz because this type of dress suits anybody.


This second dress is in lace is magnifique.For a very royal look it would be perfect.You can wear it with or without vale .You will look brilliant anyways.

The last dress i would like to share with you is this one.Very sophidticated.You can also wear this dress for an other special event or dinner.


There are many other options .You have got really a huge range. You can choose also dresses in diffrent colours.

At the end i would like to mention about  their exclusive sale.You can get discounts on your purchisings.You save 20 , 40 or 60£ ,when you spend 200 , 300 or 400£.


Its all for now. Have a good day😉



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