The Wedding Fair NorthWest

Few weeks ago i have been to THE WEDDING FAIR in Manchester, as somebody who follows me on instagram and twitter must have seen some pictures.So finally i had time to write down the post for you all just to share my experience.

Well i have to say that this was my very first show i attended about weddings and i realize that it’s really difficult to organize a wedding. Lots of stuff to plan.

Well as Β i entered there was these beautiful logo LOVE and CAKE which i found it really cute and nice.IMG-20150928-WA0009


There was also obvestly a catwalk show of latest wedding designers and trends.And the stage was absolutly brilliant.So here sharing some of the pictures.





And what do you think about this lovly car ?


Here are some other items i found really cute.

IMG-20151004-WA0033 IMG-20151004-WA0034 IMG-20151004-WA0036 IMG-20151004-WA0117 IMG-20151004-WA0118

I also attended a master class of BRIDAL MAKEUP with an makeup artist by BENEFIT COSMETICS and i have to say that it was really usefull.

12036779_1702434146653605_894757692702210194_n 12096235_1707822879448065_4166773431272632041_n

This is all for now.Catch you again later..



16 thoughts on “The Wedding Fair NorthWest

  1. Those dresses are gorgeous! I must say, my wedding wasn’t as fabulous as I wanted it to be, so I can’t wait to start planning my kids’ weddings. They won’t be for several years yet, but still — I can dream until then!


  2. That looks really fun. I have never attended an event like that before either. I have a cousin that is getting married next year and will be forwarding her your site as she is completely fixated on anything to do with weddings. Great post!


  3. Oh my gosh! I definitely am not getting married anytime soon but this looks like so much fun! Your pictures are beautiful!


  4. This looks like an amazing time indeed. I would have loved to go to a wedding fair before I got married years ago. I love all these gorgeous ideas and especially the floating candles.


  5. Sounds like you had a wonderful experience. Those love letters are huge! I’m pretty impressed! Such great ideas for brides to be!


  6. I have never been to a bridal fair/expo…that looked amazing and everything so princess like! I might just go to a local one just for the fun of itπŸ™‚


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