Halloween 2015

Hello ladies.

How are you all ? Yesterday it was Halloween and now because i live in UK i had to create an Halloween look😉 .

I have noticed that here poeple love Halloween and its one of the most celebrated and loved festival.So i got influenced too.I know usually Halloween is about horror and drammatic looks.You see all over blood on faces.Very 3D looks also.

I decided to creat a soft and shimmery look inspired by mermaids.So just wanted to share with you.


It was very first time i attempted to do an artistic makeup.I know i am not that good but i tried :p

What look have you created ? Let me know in the comments!


16 thoughts on “Halloween 2015

  1. Love it! My daughter was Snow White last Halloween and she nailed it with her makeup. I had rather see this type makeup than over-the-top scary makeup that makes me have nightmares. 🙂 Great job!


  2. I am definitely see the mermaid influence in this look. I love when Halloween costumes/looks are more chic and colorful instead of scary❤


  3. I admire women who are very good at this craft. I am not much of a make-up kind of woman, but I do admire others who can be very confident with make up. Your artistic make up style looks good!


  4. I love the makeup, I think you did a great job! I have never tried it but I can guarantee it would definitely scare people if I did, I am horrible with makeup!


  5. I’m getting so tired tonight, I was sure you had a tyre mark across your head and I was about to say what a brilliant zombie hint you had created there! I need some sleep. This year I was Corpse Bride, I love that make up!


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