Places i visited in BARCELONA (SPAIN)

Barcelona is the city where i have left my heart.For me its the most beautiful and amazing city i have ever visited.So, today i just wanted to share with you a couple of places you should definatly visit when you are there.

Starting from the very beautiful TORRE AGBAR .An example of modren architecture.This tower is illumanated with diffrent colours of lights every night.The lights turn on every one hour for 5 minuts.This is really something beautiful to see.


La Sagrada Familia the roman catholich church constructed in 1800.This place was just breathtaken.There was a long que outside so couldn’t get inside but from outside it was just beautiful.


Catalunya center is a beautiful place for a walk after dinner.Lots of people around and this is the place where you will find the famous LA RAMBLA where you will find a lots of shops,turist attractions and food shops.Rmabla takes you to the famous BARCELONETA seaside.

IMG_5379 IMG_5391 IMG_5395 IMG_5419 IMG_5443 IMG_5454

And now the last beauiful place you must visit is BARCELONETA.The best seaside known all around the world.



One place i missed and definatly will visit next time is PARC GUELL .Thats all for now

Have you ever been to Barcelona? Which is your favrioute attraction of the city ?


16 thoughts on “Places i visited in BARCELONA (SPAIN)

  1. I’m about to show my age, but I’m thinking about and singing that song, ” I’ve Never Been to Spain” by Three Dog Night! My husband and I have almost gone several times. Your photos are amazing and now I want to visit Barcelona more than ever!


  2. We went many years ago, when my daughter was just a baby and we also loved it. We thought it was a beautiful city, and full of energy. We’d love to go back now, especially as she is learning Spanish in school!


  3. I haven’t been to Spain but I would love to. Sad you couldn’t get into the church though. I love catholic art and architecture and I would have loved to seen your photography. Nonetheless the facade is beautiful enough. I bet the food was amazing!


  4. My husband and I went to Barce a few years back and loved it. He especially enjoyed visiting the stadium (yawn) and it was our first (awkward) encounter with a topless beach. (We had no idea!) Loved the seafood and the culture there, especially on La Rambla.Gorgeous pics!


  5. My friend was in Barcelona last week to celebrate her birthday! I haven”t been to Spain yet but it’s definitely high on my travel bucket list. It looks gorgeous❤


  6. Wow! That church is absolutely breathtaking! I bet it’s even more so in person. No wonder you left your heart in Barcelona. I couldn’t imagine leaving such a beautiful place.


  7. I went to that church as well in 2008. At the time they were doing work to the outside so there was scaffolding up… great to see what it looks like without construction!


  8. What a beautiful place and what a fantastic adventure!
    I definitely would visit.

    I’ve not traveled there before. Would be something to mark off my bucket list.


  9. We are actually planning a trip to Europe this upcoming summer and I will have to save this list! It looks so beautiful there!


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