Magnitone London Barefaced

Hello everyone.How are you all ? i hope everyone is fine.Today am going to talk about my latest item which enter to be part of my face care everyday routin and its Magnitone BareFaced  .



I want to mention that i never tried any vibra sonic brush and this is absolutly a magical face brush.I have started to notice the diffrence in few days.

This brush is perfect for your everyday face care.It wil work to give a deep cleansing.I highly recommend it if you have an oily skin.It workes also to remove pores which is one of my maggior problems i have to say.


Just after few days of usage i have noticed that my skin is more shinny and soft.Absolutly you have feeling of neat and clean skin.

You can use also your favorite cleanser with it.It will work greatly.


Talking about the quality and price , its absolutly best quality with affordable price. So what are you waiting for ? am leaving you the link of direct site and you can buy your brush in your favoriut color!

Its all for today😉 byeee

17 thoughts on “Magnitone London Barefaced

  1. I’ve never used any of the cleansing brushes that are on the market, but I’ve heard great things about them as a whole. I like that this one is affordable.


  2. I’ve never tried this face brush but it looks and sounds like a wonderful product. I always need a good face cleansing at the end of the day, because I like to wear makeup and don’t want it to clog my pores!


  3. I have tried a sonic brush too and it does work. After using for a couple of weeks you can definitely see the difference in your skin.


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