Sweater Dress for the season

It has been sevrel days that the weather is getting colder.I guess it’s season of sweaters and pulls.Thats why i choose this brown high neck sweater.


If you see latest posts by fashion models and celebrities these high neck sweaters are relly in fashion.I loved this brown colour so i match it wih my brown beads boots and a leather bag.

I love the fact that it is log and you can wear it as a dress actually.It’s absolutly warm and you won’t be taking cold.I promis!


The pockets add an extra charm and beauty into the sweater.And in the winter i love the having clothes with pockets.

What you say about this sweater? do you like it? let me know😉

You can find more items here:


14 thoughts on “Sweater Dress for the season

  1. That is a super cute sweater dress. I absolutely love the color. I wear sweater dresses a lot, because I am always cold🙂


  2. Ooh, I love this sweater dress! The only ones I’ve been able to find in the stores so far are way too fitted, but I like how this one is more casual. It looks so comfy and warm – perfect for chilly days!


  3. It looks so warm and cozy and I’m loving the leather bag, too. It’s not cold enough here to wear sweaters yet, but it will be soon. Love the entire look!


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