How to keep your jewellery new and sparkling !

Good morning everyone.I hope every one is fine.Today i am going to talk about something really intressting.Recently i heard about connoisseurs . They make jewellery and silver essentials.


For me every time i buy any jewel the worry is how i will keep it new and clean.Because every time (as with all of you i know it must be happened ) afetr just few days the jewellery start to changing the colour and it looks really old and bad.

I tried some of thier products and i was amazed by them.

If you love diamonds and wat to keep them beautiful then you must ned this diamond dazzle stick .It cleans and polishes your diamonds and precious stones.It contains soe special polymer which fills scratches.


Jewellery beauty wipes are amazing to clean your gold and silver jewellery.Its a beautiful compact which you can take with you anywhere you go.The wipes does thier work incredibly.



Beauty buffs are very usefull to dry and clean the jewels.These can be used also for watches and cristals.The inner lighter cloth cleans and the darker outer cloth polishes.

IMG_8436It’s really difficult to find items to clean the jewellery.Mostly the price is quite expensive.I am really happy to have descovered this brand because these are absolutly amazing in quality and price.

I am leaving you the link of main website so you can have a look :

Its all for now bye !

19 thoughts on “How to keep your jewellery new and sparkling !

  1. I’ve never seen the jewelry wipes before. I bought some stuff at the mall once that did a great job of cleaning my diamond rings. I haven’t seen it since, so I need to get the wipes.


  2. I need to check this out! I hate having to pay to get my jewelry cleaned. My hubby hates it too since I always seem to come home with new stuff🙂


  3. These are some pretty great tips!! I always have jewlery wipes in my bathroom. I clean my wedding ring all the time with them.


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