Grey Round Neck Knotted Waist Dress

Goodmorning all,

Today i would love to talk about a beautiful dress i saw on shein . As many of you know i love outfits from shein.And everytime i visit thier website i find lots of amazing new items.

Recently i saw this beautiful Grey Round Neck Knotted Waist Dress .I always have seen similer dresses worn by famous celebrities and i just love it.


I am really glad that i find it on shein at a good price.As shein has good prices with good quality.

I think this dress would be perfect for for a dinner out or also for an everyday routin.The colour is absolutly beautiful.It gives very decent look.

Let me know where you’d wear this dress ?


20 thoughts on “Grey Round Neck Knotted Waist Dress

  1. I think its simple and beautiful. I don’t like the low back as things tend to fall off my shoulders being small framed but I think its great, maybe in a slightly darker khaki color.🙂


  2. I love this dress. It’s so elegant, and it can be worn for a night out or even to church. I think it would pair well with just about any accent. Stunning.


  3. That Grey Round Neck Knotted Waist Dress is so beautiful! It’s very chic. I love dresses like that that can work in multiple seasons and for different occasions.


  4. What a cute dress! I love the tie around the front. It would probably be super short on me because I am tall but other than that I love it! I even love the color!


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