The National Wedding Show 2015 Manchester

Few weeks ago i attended THE NATIONAL WEDDING SHOW in MANCHESTER.I was invited as PRESS BLOGGER.Every one who follow me on instagram already have seen couple of pictures but i wanted to write down a post talking about all the event.So here i am.

The event was orgnized at Manchestercentral and loads of people came to attend it.These kinds of events are especially for thoese wh are getting married soon and need a little hel and ideas under the same roof.You will find here from dresses to decrations,from food to music.Everything which is related to a wedding.Starting fro clothes lots of designers came to show thier latest collections.Some of them also gave you a chance to try out the outfits there.I mean this is amazing.You don’t need to take an appointment.Also catwalk shows were held.

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Everything was just fabolous.There were lots of stands of sweets and cakes.Lots f new ideas to make you wedding special and unique.

I had great time there and if you are planning your wedding then you should attend one of these shows.

They also gave me some goodies which i shared also on instagram.

Thank you verymuch for having me at the show.

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