Lets beat Cancer with a cup of coffee

I am a coffee lover as many of you know.But i love it more over when a cup of coffee is linked with a great research.

IMG_8441I would love to talk you about PERCOL .They have won GREAT TEAST AWARD 2015 last year. And becuase i have teasted it so i can assure you that definatly the teast is so amazing.Being a coffee lover i try lots of types of coffes from which comes from all around the world.But i fall in love with PERCOL 100% COFFEE .I love it more because 100% of profit made with this coffee goes to the cancer reaserch UK.


I also tried INTENSE ITALIANO and ALL-DAY AMERICANO. They teasts like heaven.They have a huge range of coffe so i am sure you can find your favorite too.

I also made a coffe vanilla and choccolate cake using INTENSE ITALIANOand i can’t tell you how deliscious was that.So you can perfectly use it for cooking too.

Leaving you ther website so you can find out more about PERICOL.

Have a good day and enjoy your cup of coffee.


13 thoughts on “Lets beat Cancer with a cup of coffee

  1. This is such a fantastic campaign. Fighting cancer and raising funds for cancer research is a topic that is near and dear to me since I lost my Dad to colon cancer.


  2. YOu had me at coffee. I love my coffee and helping beat cancer – a huge plus! I’m going to try coffe vanilla and chocolate cake


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