4 Tips For Planning A Trip To The Seaside In Blackpool

If you’re already thinking about having a post-Christmas break, why not consider visiting the seaside in Blackpool. It’s the most popular tourist destination in the UK for seaside breaks and all with good reason. It’s got plenty of things to keep you and your family or friends entertained with award winning beaches and attractions. If you’ve never been to Blackpool before and are unsure how to plan a fantastic break here, follow these tips.

Have some fish and chips

Fish and Chips is a national favourite amongst British people. Blackpool like most of the UK’s seaside towns is packed full of restaurants and cafes that provide different takes on this classic. Have it wrapped up in some newspaper and sit on the sand or dine in a seafront restaurant and take in the views of the beautiful sea. There are plenty of reviews online that can tell you where you can find the best fish and chip during your stay. So there really is no excuse to not try it out while you are here.

Paddle in the sea

Do as the other thousands of tourists do and go for a paddle in the sea. This is something you absolutely must do when you visit the seaside. It’s an activity that is filled with nostalgia and childhood that you will enjoy even if you just dip your toe in the shallow water. It might be cold most of the time, but being close to the water and breathing in the salty sea air will make you feel wonderful. For an extra treat, why not buy yourself an ice cream or ice lolly and go for a walk along the shallows. Don’t forget to pack your sunscreen to protect your skin if the sun decides to make an appearance while you are out.

Visit the Sealife Centre

If the weather takes a turn for the worst, you can shelter in Blackpool’s Sealife centre. This will allow you to still feel connected to the beach and ocean by looking at the aquatic wildlife they have on display. You can learn more about the local fish and marine life that live along the local coasts.  You can also learn about other creatures from other parts of the world too. This is something you should not miss as you’ll enjoy every second of it.


Visit the Blackpool Tower

Blackpool Holidays would not be complete without visiting this iconic structure. It has become a famous feature of Blackpool’s seafront and is a feature on almost all souvenirs and gifts from the area. It’s pretty hard to miss as it stands around 158 metres tall. Even if you’re afraid of heights just standing beneath it can be breathtaking. If that wasn’t entertaining enough, the site is also home to the Blackpool eye, circus, dungeons and the equally iconic ballroom. The tower and it’s accompanying attractions are situated just a short stroll from the beach and will fill your day with fun amusements.

Hopefully, these tips will have enticed you into trying out all that the seaside in Blackpool has to offer. With so much to see and experience it’s a brilliant destination for families, friends and couples to visit all year round. So what are you waiting for?


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