Newyear dress ideas

Just 2 days left for 2016 to come.After Christmas everyone starts shopping for there New year party.You want to look perfect and gorgous.I decided to share with you some of my dresses ideas for your outfit.

Red is all the time my favorite colour and i think it is perfect for any occasion.Thats why i would start suggesting this SWEET FLAT COLLAR SLEEVELESS SOLID COLOR CHIFFON DRESS. It is perfect for young girls.You can match with it a nice neckles and some nice heels.Also it is really comfortable to wear because of its material.I am sure you will love it.1432060905675-P-2648736

This second dress i wanna share with you guys is recently very in.It is one of the most fashionable style of this year.In fact many brands in thier collections shows these kind of dresses.I think this is very pretty for 30+ til 45.Not that you can’t wear it if you are over 45,its just my idea.This TRENDY SCOOP NECK CHIFFON CAPE DRESSΒ is so sophisticated and the colour white is very elegant.Here if you go for a nice red or pink lipstick in your make up it can make a great choice.

1448494292161-P-3508433Β And now i wanna talk about those beautiful ladies with curvy body.I recently saw this ELEGANT DRAPED COLLAR PRINTED SLEEVLESS BODYCON CHIFFON DRESS .Β This is such a beautiful dress.You will look so nice and attractive.It will highlight well all your curves and will make you diffrent.You can go with a black pair of heels and a nice pochette.You will rock with this classy look.


Good about these dresses is that you can wear them for many diffrent occasions.And you can choose diffrent make up looks and accessories to complete your look. You can find more dresses like these here :

Wish you a Happy NEW Year and lots of happiness a head for 2016.

22 thoughts on “Newyear dress ideas

  1. My favourite is the last dress – think it would suit any body shape. Love the colour of the first one. Not so sure about the white one, but that might be because I can see myself spilling red wine down it!


  2. Those are cute ideas! I ended up getting a black lacy dress to wear to a party I am going to on NY eveπŸ™‚


  3. Those are some really lovely dress options. My favourite out of your picks is the first, the red is so pretty I thinkπŸ™‚


  4. My favorite look was the red sleeveless dress! Can’t wait until summer is here and the weather is warm. I’ll be wearing a look like that for sure!


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