Outfit for a cold december

Hello beautiful readers.December is usually quite cold but ladies never wanna stop wearing dresses.No matter what.But it’s also true that when you are having a dress you don’t wanna cover it.In this case i guess the best choice goes on the material of th dress.Which should be littler heavy to keep you enough warm even in decmber’s cold season.

I choose this beautiful white long sleeve embossed flare dress to wear on a christmas lunch.I really wanted not to get cold and be at the same time stylish.This beautiful dress can be matched with a pair of heels but i went with flat shoes.


It is a maxi dress with lots of stretch so i am sure you can wear it very easily.It looks really simple and beautiful.I decided to go with this with a natural makeup and a sparkling white scarf.Wanted to stay in the christmas theme.


Hope you like it.Let me know


11 thoughts on “Outfit for a cold december

  1. I’ve not yet gotten to the point of liking maxi dresses yet… Mostly because I’m so short and my cankles always end up revealing themselves somehow lol.


  2. I think that is a lovely dress! It would be great to wear to a winter themed Christmas party or even to work. I love dresses that can be dressed up or down.


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