In our every day busy life we need to have little bit of time for ourselves.But its not every time to go to have a massage in a salon.Well i find the best solutions for all of you.I found this amazing product by Ryor which is just awesome.I am talking about RELAXING MINT GEL by RYOR.

This is an amazing gel which can be used in many cases.It contains mint oil.As we know mint gives you the cooling sensation and than it warms up subcutis immediately.
It helps your body to feel relax and speeds up the blood circulation.What i love the most is the beautiful mint perfume.Really  i adore it and you can use it also as a deodorant.
Lots of people have problems of swelling.Especially of feet.This product helps to reduce that swelling a lot.This can also be used when some insects bites you.It calms down the skin after contact with stinging plants and animals.
Many times when I come back from gym and I feel tired I like to take small amount of the MINT GEL and spread on my body.It gives me really a relaxing sensation and my tiredness just flow away.
During the summer I think it is the perfect product to keep in your bag and apply it to have that fresh and cool feeling.
I found this product really usefull and amazing.I think everyone should have this gel at home.
I didn’t saw this brand in UK stores but you can easily buy it fromBeautyspin,which is my all time favorite website to shop my favorite beauty brands.
Let me know if you guys have ever used something by RYOR.
Good day 


  1. Literally I needed this last night! My friend hurt his knee so bad yesterday and was in extreme pain…he couldnt relax he wouldnt let us put ice on it nothing worked. I am sure if we had this cooling mint gel it would of alleviated some of his pain he was in!


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