Evepearl Beauty Brands

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog.I am really excited to talk you about a new brand i came accross recently.I am talking about Evepearl. It’s an american brand and i never heard about it in UK.I tried thier products and i am just so impressed.I would love to share with you guys what i tried out.

Starting with there lip products i tried out thier Lipglosses.I received 2 shades.STARDUST and PEACH CHAMPAGNE.

IMG_8559 (2) IMG_8565 (2)

These are just beautiful colours and there are many other shades available.Perfect for everyday look or also for a soft night look.Quite long lasting too.

I also got BLUSH TRIO BRONZING HIGHLIGHTER .I just love it.I love the fast that it has got all the important products for cheeks in it.So i dn’t have to take with me 3 diffrent products.These are so pigmented and i love the way these looks on the skin.




I also received this amazing Fan Brush .It has natural bristled and its amazing for hightlighter appication.Its really soft and blend well everything into the skin.


Isn’t these products are just amazing?  They have also amazing HD FOUNDATIONS and Eyeshadows which i would love to try.Hopefully if i got the chance.

Overall i think its a very valid brand with a huge range of products and varaity of colours.So am sure you can find your favorite colour too.

Leaving you the website where you can buy these products.



16 thoughts on “Evepearl Beauty Brands

  1. I am loving these colours. I don’t wear make up often, but when I do I love to check out reviews of brands to see whats new, and haven’t heard of evepearl before!


  2. I’ve never heard of this brand, but I really like the pinker lip gloss! I live near Miami and they have lots of cool foreign brands here. I wonder if they care this. That’s super cute.


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