Clothes aren’t going to change the world, the women who wear them will.

Lots of people think that i have no style and i am not a stylish girl.Well i like to wear casual clothes.And you know what i feel super stylish wearing them.

And honestly speaking i never understand why we have to judge someone looking at their clothes.But i know lots of the people have this point of view.


I feel like i am free when i wear a casual  T-shirt .Its just like i can breath easily and my mind can breath. Obvestly i don’t say that the girls with heels and dresses are not stylish.I would say they are super stylish but everyone has got their own personality.

I read some where : “CLOTHES AREN’T GOING TO CHANGE THE WORLD,THE WOMEN WHO WEAR THEM WILL”.So i guess people should give more importance to the persone who is wearing and not judge them with what they are wearing.Than its my thinking ,may be you think in a diffrent way.

T-shirt by : Shein .


16 thoughts on “Clothes aren’t going to change the world, the women who wear them will.

  1. I love to see women rocking their own personal style. My styles have changed so many times through the years. There was a time when I wore heels every single day. Not so much, these days. Love the quote about clothes and women!


  2. I love clothes and I love fashion. One of my greatest loves about fashion is that you can make it what you want. For me that includes a graphic t-shirt. I will wear it with jeans, shorts, a pencil skirt, sequin pants, whatever.


  3. Can you imagine how boring this world would be if we all dressed and acted alike?? I love to see women confident enough to rock their own fashion style! Your quote is dead on!


  4. I always say if your style is coming from celebs and magazine trends only then you have no real style! I actual love it you are comfortable in your skin, its YOUR style and its trending to you so thats all that matters. I like what I like too I dont conform to just what everyone else likes that not fun!


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