5 reasons of why you should drink LEMON WATER

I know you have read about this sevrel times but i just want to remind you guys again about the magic that has a LEMON.Now it has been quite a few months that i added lemon water in my daily routin and i just love it.I feel so much better healthwise.

So here are 5 reasons of why you should drink Lemon Water:


1)LOSE WEIGHT:Lemon curb your appetite.It helps you to lose weight.I am sure may of you out there are looking for an easy way to lose weight.Well i found this the easiest way.

2)CLEANCE:Lemon is an amazing ingredient to use to toxify.So it helps you to rush out all toxins.

3)HYDRATE:It is very important to be haydrated all the time because you feel energetic and Lemon helps you to be hydrated.

4)BOOST IMMUNITY SYSTEM:Wel especialy in winter we are always under the shadow of flu and cold.Lemon has got VITAMIN C which will helps you to fight againts these viruses.

5)PH BALACED:Lemon reduce the acidity which causes many times inflammation.So PH is balanced.

These are just few of the benefits which lemon actually can gives you but there a lot more of these.I like to drink a glass of light hot water with lemon , in the morning empty stomach.It helps me especially with PH acidity problems as i suffer with them and also helps me to control my weight.One other reason i like lemon water is that it helps our skin to be shiny and clean.I am sure if you try drinking lemon water you will feel the diffrence in your health and you energy level too.


16 thoughts on “5 reasons of why you should drink LEMON WATER

  1. My Grandmother used to drink a hot cup of lemon water every single day. Come to think of it that is probably why I like the taste of lemons! I agree lemons are great for curbing your appetite.


  2. I never knew how many benefits there were from which drinking lemon water. I can definitely see how drinking more lemon water could boost your immune system (which is what I need thanks to my current cold!) I really need to start drinking more lemon water❤


  3. There seem to be great health benefits associated with lemon. Normally I just have it because I like the flavor and prefer it to others, but now I know I am doing something healthy – that’s great to hear!


  4. I love lemon water! It’s pretty much the only way that I drink water any more. I never knew of all the great health benefits. Looks like I need to up my intake and enjoy the yummy goodness that is healthful as well!


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