Revelon Professional Equave Nutritive Shampoo for dry winter hairs

Hello beautiful people.I hope everyone is well.Winter comes and bring lots of problems especially for skin and hairs.I have to say that my skin is always quite oily so i haven’t got problem with that but in winter my hairs starts to become really rough and dry.So this time i decided to change my shampoo and give a try to Revlon Professional Equave Hydro Nutritive Detangling Shampoo.

Well Revlon is a very well known brand and i have used sevrel products by them.I decided to try this time thier hair line,and i have to say that i was not dissappointed.


Keratin is nowadays very important element and if we notice we see this in hair care products most of the times.This shampoo is Keratin enriched.You don’t need so much to wash your hairs.Just a small amount is enough to clean you hair well.After 2 weeks of usage i have noticed the diffrence and to me it’s really visible.My hairs are more soft and shiny.I love the perfume that shampoo has got.After dried up the hairs it seems to you as you just walked out from a hair salon after a hair treatment.And i love that feeling.I am sure everyone does!This is really a professional product which usually you find in salons too because its so great and of high value.

One other fact about this shampoo is that it helps your hairs to be strong.So if you are someone who loose lots of hairs you should definatly try atleast once this Shampoo.

You can easily get this online from beautyspin.,all the time my favorite online shop for cosmetics and beauty products.

17 thoughts on “Revelon Professional Equave Nutritive Shampoo for dry winter hairs

  1. I’ve always loved Revlon products. I’ll have to look for this shampoo the next time I’m out and about. My dry hair needs all the help it can get.


  2. This Revelon Professional Equave Hydro Detangling Shampoo is something I would love to try. I will sure be checking out beautyspin for this and other products.


  3. I love Revlon. I’ve always thought they have some great products. I’ve never tried this shampoo before though, sounds great.


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