I really like to wear clothes with an inspiring quote on them.Well thanks to Shein i found this amazing Letter print T-shirt which i just loved.



How many of you agree with this sentence?I totally do!It’s so important do dream in life.In fact everytime i meet someone who say to me “i don’t have any dream”it makes me feel that you are not living your life at right then.You should you must have a dream.

When we are young we use to study hard with dream to become one day a doctor,an engineer,a teacher.That’s what makes your life special and give a sense to it.

Lots of time when we are adults,unfortunatly the time is not right for us and we just want to give up.But no we should always have faith and believe on our dreams.

And one day or another i am sure that you will achieve your goal,your dreams.Your patience and hard work will definatly give you back what you wanted.

My dream is to launch my own makeup brand one day.Whats yours ??


  1. This is indeed an awesome quote and it is so true that we should never give up on our dreams. One of my dreams is to start a blog and to make enough money blogging to support myself.


  2. I’ve heard of SheIn before and am a fan. I think motivational shirts are just such sweet reminders to wear throughout the day. Love it! Very motivational and appreciated post.


  3. I just love SheIn!!! They have the cutest stuff!!!! If you read the descriptions then you will get exactly what you want😉


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