BAFTAs 2016 Best looks

All of us take inspiration from famous celebrities looks.I’d like to share with you all some of my favourites looks from BAFTA AWARDS 2016.

1) Alicia Vikander:I just loved her nude eyes with this brown lipstick.This look suits her a lot and keep her really beautiful.


2) Saorise Ronan : She went with a nice black wing eyeliner look with a nude pink lipstick.


3) Lilly Donaldson: Red lipstick is always a great one to appear sexy and beautiful.You can never go wrong with it.


4) Sarah Jane Crawford: She also shines with this bright lips and nude eyes.Her hair style also contributes to make this look more charming and amazing.


5) Dakota Johnson Bea :This was so far my favourite look and make up.I loved her look concentrated around red colour.She looks just stunning.



I noticed that most of the celebrities went for dark lips and nude eyes.This is one of the most sophistic and natural technique i guess.Look created like this makes you appear fresh and pretty.

Let me know which was your favourite look at BAFTA 2016.


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