Honouring Our Mothers

A couples of months ago i attended a charity event called Honouring Our Mothers. I do wanted to share with you abut an exceptional experience i had there.

It is a campaign organised by Muslim Charity UK and there aim is to rise awareness about the health of mothers and children.They start this mission to start lives of thousands of Mothers in countries as PAKISTAN, INDIA , BANGLADESH , YEMEN and SOMALIA .


During the event that i attended in Manchester where there were some special guest like WASEEM BADAAMI  , IQRAR-UL-HASSAN, MOHAMMAD YUSUF and many more,they talk especially about how important are the Incubators.There are many places still where there is just 1 incubator every 10 children.If i think about this i feel so bad.Those babies who are born immature need to have a total care and treatment,actually they can’t because to survive they need to share that incubator with someone else.Another baby who is just born.


Medically you can’t keep 2 babies in a same incubator as they can attach germs o infections to eachother.But what you can do when you haven’t got any other option ?

Allhamdolilah Muslim Charity has provided incubators in many poor countries in Africa and South Asia.

Saving the life of our Mothers and children is our responsability.Just a small donation from your side can help a mother or a child to live this life.

Do not hesitate and donate now.


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