Outfit of the Day

In UK it is really windy and cold nowadays. Lots of time the weather is bad and sky is grey.In that case i love to pick an outwear from Shein and go with it fully confident as these are warm and at the same time fashionable.

This time i went with this apricot colour black cardigan which is just perfect for my easy every day casual look.All of you know that i love wearing comfortable and casual clothes so this was just so easy to wear.


IMG_8879 (2)

I love the touch of the colours as blue and peach.Its perfect for everyone as its a one size.The sleeves are long so you can for it with any shirt or t shirt under this.It keeps you warm and you can pear it with jeans and heel or just as  i did,with a pair of adidas or any casual shoes.

If you want to buy some cardigans, definitely on shein website you can find best designs with a best price.

Its all for now


16 thoughts on “Outfit of the Day

  1. I see a lot of people spreading the good word about SheIn, and I’m curious about what they have to offer. The cardigan looks very comfortable.


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