I am sure all of you must be asking what is viela.Well without wasting anymore time i would love to introduce you the latest new brand called VIELA. Working as a blogger i love to get in touch with new brands and if i am linked up with them from the beginning i am more than happy.Because i can follow personally their growth and success.


Viela is a fantastic brand which has launched recently their online shop.You can find everything that you need to complete and make a unique outfit.They have huge collection of jumpers, jeans , dresses,tops , swimwear and jewellery too.Recently lots of UK bloggers are talking about Viela.I love this brand it gives you best quality clothes with a very comfortable price.


For a recent event Prohairlive in Manchester i wanted to wear something easy and stylish.So i went with Viela jeans and split back jumper.Every one was asking me at the show from where i got these clothes.I felt all the day very comfortable.I love their clothes.I will definitely be trying their other ranges too.

Hope you will find something for you too. I’m leaving you their onlin shop link:


16 thoughts on “Viela

  1. I actually do believe I have heard of Viela clothes before. The jumpers are actually really comfy and I will have to check them out.


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