Grounded Body Scrub review

Hello every one and Happy mothers day to all.Today i would like to talk about Grounded Body Scrub .It is a product launched by a british company and they has been kind to send me this scrub to try out.Well as you may know am a coffee addict and i like every that thing which may include coffee.So i thought yes why not,lets try it.

Well i tried out Choccolate Orange Body Scrub. Well if we talk about these 3 ingredients coffee,orange and chocolate,well these have amazing vitamins in them.Amazing minerals and antioxidant properties.That is fantastic for dry skin and it helps to transform your skin into normal.After you use it ,your skin is soft and smooth.You feel the sensation of clean.


I am just in love with the scent .Its is so sweet and nice.What i love about this scrub is that you can use it all over the body and not only on your face.If you follow a proper cleansing routine for your face you can use it once a week otherwise you can use it also twice.If you don’t like chocolate and orange,you can find it in other flavours too.

If you want to purchase this you can go to this website:

16 thoughts on “Grounded Body Scrub review

  1. I would love to try this body scrub as I love chocolate coffee, and orange, Some of the best body scrubs I’ve used have had coffee in them. Thank you for sharing.


  2. You had me at Choccolate Orange Body Scrub! I can only imagine how awesome that scent would be. I’ll definitely have to try this body scrub out for myself soon❤


  3. I love body scrubs! This one sounds like it would be great for your skin, but I might have a hard time not eating it lol!


  4. I really love using body scrubs in the shower, they’re so great for exfoliating and making my skin super soft. This chocolate orange one sounds so lovely!


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